You might be dealing with what seems like an entire multitude of problems with your family, and you wonder how or where to begin to resolve them. If you are experiencing any of these things you may feel bound, trapped and otherwise unable to find a fulfilling life. I want you to know you are not alone.

If you are considering counseling at this time, I imagine that you are feeling overwhelmed and that your life seems out of control. Maybe you are battling issues with your mental health, and despite your best efforts, you cannot alleviate the symptoms and find relief. Maybe you are in a relationship and you look to the other person and yourself and wonder, how did we end up here?

Counseling is an effective way of gaining a new perspective on your life situation. It provides the opportunity for you to process through your struggles in a safe environment with an objective, highly trained professional who can provide support and help guide you and facilitate growth and healing.

Here at Anchor of Hope, we value the effectiveness of various psychological approaches and interventions.  Our counselors are highly clinically trained and often borrow from these approaches in their assessment and treatment of the individual, couple or family.  Relevant to our practice, however, is that our clinical competence and practice is consistent with Scripture and our Christian perspective.  While personally and professionally grounded from this perspective, our counselors are sensitive to each individual and meet them where they are in this respect.

At Anchor of Hope, we consider it a privilege to be in a position where you would invite us to walk along side you through some of your most difficult, painful times. As it is such a privilege, we are committed to provide professional, faith-sensitive counseling to individuals, couples and families on their journey toward freedom.